Identifying Good UX Design: FoodieLand App

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Prompt 1: Identify at least one aspect of the FoodieLand app that demonstrates usable design. Explain your reasoning in 1-2 sentences. 

Hint: Is the app’s design, structure, and purpose clear? Does the app have any elements or features that make it easy to navigate?

The placeholder text clearly demonstrates what in particular the user would search with the label “Search food”. The icons for filters and adding or subtracting items are ubiquitous.

Prompt 2: Identify at least one aspect of the FoodieLand app that demonstrates equitable design. Explain your reasoning in 1-2 sentences.  

Hint: Does the app address the needs of people with diverse abilities and backgrounds? 

Icons that allow the user to select language and audio playback demonstrates usability for non-English-speaking users or users with vision impairments.

Prompt 3: Identify at least one aspect of the FoodieLand app that demonstrates enjoyable design. Explain your reasoning in 1-2 sentences.  

Hint: Does the app inspire a positive reaction from the user by considering their thoughts and feelings? Does the app engage users and make them excited to keep using the app?

The ratings side-by-side with the pricing makes it easy to determine a more informed selection when choosing an item.

Prompt 4: Identify at least one aspect of the FoodieLand app that demonstrates useful design. Explain your reasoning in 1-2 sentences.  

Hint: Does the app solve the problem of “how to help a busy person working from home select a meal to be delivered?” How does the app help solve this problem?

There is very little text to navigate and it is easy to scan the screen quickly, allowing for a fast experience to solve the user’s problem of getting food.

A user experience you think is great and why

Ikea’s Maximara inner drawer is an innovative twist on the sock drawer. It is a drawer that sits inside of a larger drawer. It is usable as it’s mechanical functionality functions identically to the drawer which contains it. The assembly user manual is equitable in demonstrating how to build the drawer with pictures rather than a limited set of languages. I find it enjoyable because the rubber surrounding the wheels that sit in the tracks of the drawers creates a silent slide in and out of the dresser. I find the inner drawer particularly useful in containing everyday items I reach for when I am dressing. I used to forget about accessories like jewelry, but now I remember it as an option when I am choosing my socks.

A user experience you think needs improvement and why

My English/Danish dictionary has revealed necessary improvements in order to enjoy it fully. It is not usable in providing past or future verb endings as I have found in larger dictionaries. I don’t find the use of the Union Jack to demonstrate the English language particularly equitable, as it is a language spoken around the world. I have been disappointed to find there are some words I have not been able to find, due to it’s limited size. Only some of the words have info pertaining to type of word, i.e. adverb or adjective, to differentiate words with identical spelling but different meaning. However, I would find it more useful if this info was provided for every word.

Self-Reflection: Your journey to become a UX designer

What skills do you already have that can help you on your journey to becoming a UX designer? For example, are you artistic, detail-oriented, or considerate? Do you have relevant past experience in the world of design? Share your passion.

I have experience interviewing many clients to understand their pain points and how to establish user trust. I have also interviewed my clients for my own business in order to understand how to formulate my ideal customer avatar and position my brand to their needs. I also have experience storyboarding for animation, as well as wireframing for websites. I have used visual design across mediums, from fine art to space to digital, utilizing color theory, typography, and design theory to create an informed visual experience. Additionally, I have working experience as an engineer, with experience communicating to and as an engineer. As a web development manager, I have utilized communication to ensure clear and timely communication, and deciding the scope of the product.

What are your goals for exploring the field of UX design? Why do you want to pursue this professional certificate?

My goals for exploring the field of UX design is to have a formally educated review of the field, so I can make the most informed decision on the next best steps for my career. Since I already use UX design, I also want to hone my craft and utilize best practices based on the information received here. I want to pursue this professional certificate less so for the recognition from potential employers. I am doing this in order to stamp out the imposter syndrome that wonders if I have all the information I need to apply to the jobs I really want to tackle, to stamp out the voice that questions if I have enough in my portfolio to apply. I believe that pursuing this certificate will give me recent, tangible work to show, which will be supported by my experience undertaking similar work, now leveraged with the best practices learned here.

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